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Our Skills

Web development

Our professional team of web developers are here to make a professional and responsive website according to your needs.

Web designing

Our designers use new and latest technologies for designing to make your website beautiful and responsive.


No doubt , Designng and Development is a great task , but after completing this great task there is another most important task (Marketing). Marketing help you to beat your competitor.

Web hosting

Our Web hosting plans include easy setup, automated updates and backups. We can give suggest you a better hosting plan respective to your website and company.

Mobile App development

We can make mobile app for your organization, which will help your business to establish more in less time period.

Domain registration

Fazal technologies also provide the facility of domain registration for you website like .com, .pk , .info, .org etc.

Why us !

latest technology

Technology does not remains constant , because of its competitive race.Every month it change its color to a braoder and beautiful one.Sometime it become change because of security issues.So , this is the need of today to be updated with the current technology.Our aim is to provide you the latest technology to push you up and secure.


Bootstrap has changed the style of designing.Just start from your home , about 50% will have a mobile. The great emergence of smart Phones has make it essential to make responsive website for both Mobile and Computer. And this is what we will provide.

Online Marketing

Most importantly this is the thing have a great need and we have more focus on it.This is not not the end to make a website or Mobile Application.You should boost it in a commonding manner to make your website on top of your competiters. We will use our techniques to make you up.Beside this we also provide Web Hosting and Domain Registration.